How it works steps


  • First on navigate to on whatever device you have
  • Next you will select the TYPE of device (tablet, headphones, etc) you need repaired. You can do this by selecting from the links at the top of the page OR by choosing your product from the images on the page.
  • Then Select your products MODEL NUMBER
  • You will then choose the problem your having from the drop down (if Applicable)


  • On this page you will enter in a VALID credit card number and the address you would like us to ship your repair back to.
  • Once you have completed that you can submit the order.
  • After you have hit submit check the email address you gave us and you should see your conformation email with the address to ship your device to, order number etc.


  • Gather up ONLY the parts/Pieces that are broken. You do not need to send in controllers, batteries, chargers or any other accessory that it came with thats not broken.
  • If you have a box that will fit your device, you can use that. Then wrap it up really tight and secure. 
        ** we recommend bubble wrap*(available at any post office or convenient store)
  • You will write the address right on the box OR you can write it on a piece of paper and tape it to the top ( it doesn't need need to be perfect)
  • Next step is to take it to the post office, FedEX, UPS or any other place that ships packages. 
  • That's it!! Now you sit back and we'll do the rest Protection Status