It is your responsibility to provide Whitebox Service with the correct shipping RETURN address for timely delivery of your device. It is also your responsibility to inform Whitebox Service of address changes. If it is determined that the shipping address you provided is incorrect or out of date then you will be responsible for any non-recoverable shipped merchandise.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure any product ordered / received is not used and/or imported in any way in which it would violate any laws.

There are several different ways of shipping the product to you. We automatically provide FREE ground shipping. If you require faster shipping please order the $20.00 EXPEDITED return shipping option so we can ship accordingly.
Please refer to this link and enter your zip code for BEFORE you order 2 day shipping (depending on where you live the extra expense may not be necessary for you)
      We are not bound to honor typographical errors, should there be any, though we endeavor to make sure everything is accurate.
      We reserve the right to change any policies at any time. If you are purchasing from the site you must be in agreement with stated policies, otherwise do not use this website.

      To protect all parties involved against fraud attempts we will ONLY ship to the confirmed/validated address that matches the billing information provided
      If shipments need to be shipped to a 3rd party address, this will delay the shipment until we can get confirmation from the billing customer.
        Weekend days, public holidays and bank holidays together or other events beyond our control are not included when we quote postage time frames.


        If you fail to receive your device please contact us straight away so we can help locate the package. Please be patient as it may take some time to trace, process a refund or issue a replacement.
        Your package can be tracked from the moment it is collected by the mail carrier to the time you sign for it at home.


        Please only send the item(s) that are broken or in need of repair. We do not need the accessories that accompany your device (i.e. controllers, cases, games etc.)
        We strongly encourage you ship the device using a method that provides you with a tracking number.
        Please make sure that your package is insured for full replacement value.
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