Solving Common Gaming Issues

Problem 1: Not charging
Solution 1: Try wall charger in different outlet, Check charge port on device and check to see if any pins are bent. If charger doesn’t light up, send it in

Problem 2: Game freezes or won’t play
Solution 2: Try different games to make sure the problem is the console and not the disc, make sure lens is clean, make sure disc does not have scratches or is cracked, Check to see if there is a system update, check batteries in controller

Problem 3: No picture on screen
Solution 3: make sure the console is on the right connection AV cables/HDMI, check to see if HDMI port pins are bent, Check HDMI connections at both ends, make sure TV is on the correct input

Problem 4: Won’t connect to internet
Solution 4: Check to see if Ethernet cable is in tact and connected at both ends, restart router

Problem 5: Red rings of death
Solution 5: Check AV cables and make sure they are connected properly

Problem 6: Video won’t play
Solution 6: Turn the console off, hold down the power button for 10 seconds until it turns back on.

Problem 7: Controller communication error/not syncing
Solution 7: Replace batteries, Make sure batteries are incorrectly

Solving Common Tablet Issues

Problem 1: Freezing up
Solution 1: Restart unit, uninstall recently installed Apps, Apply any available system updates, Reinstall OS, reset to factory settings

Problem 2: Screen won’t rotate
Solution 2: Make sure rotate lock is not enabled.

Problem 3: Screen color is strange
Solution 3: Make sure a high contrast screen profile is not enabled

Problem 4: Battery runs down too quickly
Solution 4: Close background applications when not in use, Restart unit, double check the power adapter or outlet being used, try a different charger

Problem 5: WiFi not connecting
Solution 5: Reset network settings as well as your router and reconnect to wireless access point

Problem 6: Boot loop
Solution 6: Factory reset

Problem 7: Won’t turn on
Solution 7: Charge for several hours then hold down power button for a few seconds

Problem 8: No sound
Solution 8: Reset to factory settings Protection Status